Saturday, June 30, 2012

Remember when there was just one . . . .

of everything at the grocery store?  You didn't have to stand in front of a section for friggin' ever looking for the creamer that you want.  Nope, don't like the fat-free.  No thanks to the sugar-free.  Hazelnut?  Coconut something-or-other?  Ack!  So confusing.  And, naturally, I've grabbed the wrong one in haste before.  You remember I'm the blogger with no patience, right?
Well, I was there yesterday.  I make way too many trips to the store.  It's because I can't seem to get organized when it comes to shopping for food.  Plus, it's only a few blocks away.  I guess I would be forced to get my act together if I lived out in the sticks.
I only needed a few things but as I strolled up and down the aisles, I began to think (actually, I planned ahead of time for this trip because I brought my camera) about all the choices.
The first thing I thought of was the Oreo cookie.  They're a staple at our house.  But just look at the variety.

Ignore my toes - I forgot to crop them out.  And, yes, that is the floor of the grocery store.  Hey, I couldn't find a decent display area and I was in a hurry.
Is that a busload of Oreos or what?  Plus, I really didn't have all of the different kinds in that pile but I was afraid the manager was going to catch me.  There were some new ones I'd never seen before.  Geez!

Then I was off to the cereal aisle.  I'm a Raisin Bran kinda gal and Petey likes him some Cheerios so here's my next grouping.

There are eight (8) different kinds of Cheerios there folks.  Good night!  Of course everyone's trying to jump on the "healthy" bandwagon so they throw "whole grain" into the name and call it good which results in even more choices.

Now let's talk pop (that's a Michigan word for those of you who live elsewhere).  Maybe you refer to it as "soda."  Whatever - I'm just focusing on Coke at this time.

This is why we get bogged down in the damn store.  Years ago you could just do a "fly-by" and grab what you needed.  Now you have to stop and make sure you don't get the cherry flavored one or that Zero thing.

And last - but not least - this is one spot I don't even slow down for anymore.  Seems to be the only advantage to being 63.

Do you love going to the grocery store as much as I do?  Oh, and by the way, I never got caught taking all these photos. hehehe


  1. Too many choices and it has to be crazy for the stores to stock all of that inventory. I'm impressed with your photos and guts to do a display on the floor!! I only buy the regular half and half for my coffee. Fewer calories than the flavored artificial crap, tastes better in my opinion, it's a natural product and you can grab and go.

  2. I will confess, Mrs.Elder, that I am a fan of the flavored "crap." I only have 1 cup a day so I tell myself it's ok. And I believe myself. Why would I lie to me???????????????

  3. Why don't you invite me to go grocery shopping with you when you are going to be doing such deviant things? Too funny. I agree that there are just too many choices on products sometimes...unless it is something that matters to me, of course.

  4. You've inspired more picture taking on my part, Ms.Bliss. I covered a few more local joints on Fri.
    Look for those "reports."