Wednesday, July 4, 2012

A Church Tour

We have some lovely churches here in Allegan.  I won't be showing you all the churches in town; just the ones in a 2-block area.  I have a personal connection to each one.  No, I don't attend any of them.  Remember me?  The religious-challenged blogger?
Just because I'm not a church goin' kinda gal doesn't mean I don't appreciate their beauty and the good works they do.

This is the Congregational church.  When I was a toddler we lived right smack across the street from it.  We later moved 3 houses down and stayed put for several years.  I'm sure that's why we attended this church.  We could walk - plus they had a killer choir.  I loved growing up here.  I have wonderful memories.
They serve dinner to people in need every week.

This is Blessed Sacrament - the catholic church.  I was married here.  Someone (an out-of-towner) once described this building as the "little rock church on the corner."  There's a school next door that was active for many years.  My catholic friend, Nancy, and I used to dance in the basement of that school.  They had a juke box.  How cool was that?

The Methodist church.  For the past few years the kind people here at the Methodist Church allow our hospice to hold the annual "Evening of Remembrance"  inside.  Their bell choir always participates which makes the event extra special.  Nice group.

Here's the Presbyterian church.  We can be found sitting in one of their pews on the second Sunday of the month at 5p listening to fantastic music.  They host a benefit concert every month and the music is always wonderful - mostly Blues - which is what reeled me in.  They pass the plate and 90% of the money collected goes to a local non-profit.  10% goes back into the endowment that pays the musicians.  What a cool idea, eh?  SASS (the trio I sing in) will be performing there this Sunday.  Come on down!
These fine folks also serve lunch to people weekly.
That's not their "real" front door - it's being refinished.  Didn't want you to think they had some kind of goober affair going on there.  

I just ran downtown because I saw them installing the doors yesterday afternoon and wanted you to see how much nicer those Presbyterians look now after the "face lift."

The coolest thing about the Episcopal church, besides its beauty, is that they have an amazing pipe organ.  I know nothing about them except that they're very difficult to play.  Marty Hesse, who plays for SASS, sits at that monster every now and then.
They also have a clothes closet for people who are having difficulty in these trying times.  And they help out new moms with baby items.

I have been to all of these churches for weddings and funerals.  I appreciate their beauty.  I thank them for all that they do to help our community.  They are places of comfort for many, many people.
I walk by them everyday with Augie.  They are a very important part of our local history.


  1. Do you remember as children running home to get a fist full of uncooked rice whenever we saw a saturday wedding in the midst and creeping into the back of the Congregational church to throw the rice when the wedding was over. I think sometimes we weren't too patient and we would drift a bit down the aisle! Too many times the rice was pretty well cooked in our hot little hands by the time we were ready to throw it!

  2. You weren't kidding about getting that camera fired up. What amazes me about all these different buildings is the difference in architecture. Each one looks like it is from an entirely different time period...stone, wood, brick. Very interesting.

  3. Lisa - remember you're the one with the good memory. I have to admit I don't recall doing that rice collection thing. Can't you just see us - probably a bit grubby, probably crusty noses and bruised shins. I'm sure the wedding party loved it. Not!
    Bliss - that's why I was so drawn to these buildings. Each one has its own "personality."

  4. You captured one of our treasures!