Tuesday, July 17, 2012

It was a "tasty" Tuesday.

We had plans for this day.  A while back we decided we were going to drive to lakeshore towns on either Tuesdays or Thursdays of every week until the summer was over.  Well, we didn't make it last week which was going to be the first day trip of many.  I can't remember what got in the way - so we put Saugatuck on the schedule for this week.

We're both dealing with summer colds - the worst - and friggin' high temps. We laid around all day after putting off the Saugatuck trip which was going to include lunch and window shopping.  Then we decided we'd go somewhere for dinner.  Some place we'd never been to before.  New - ya know?  Well, the decision didn't come easily.  If felt like it dragged on forever but we finally ended up here.

I know someone who is reading this blog right now and yelling at me.  Jane, my friend since forever, has been trying to get us over here and we just haven't made it - until tonight.  I swear it wasn't planned ahead of time, Jane. 

If it hadn't been so dang hot we would have eaten outside so we could wave at passing cars.  That will have to wait for another visit.  This night we decided to go inside.  Come on - let's walk through that door.

This place hasn't been opened very long and the whole building has been transformed into a very coolio restaurant.

                                      Cool interior, eh?  Hey, who's the old guy in the blue shirt?

Check out that bar.  I should have been more interested in what they had to offer in the beer department since they're a brew pub but . . . . remember, I'm the non-drinker so it never entered my mind.

Their menu has a lot to offer.  We got sandwiches.  Mine was a BLT on sourdough and Petey got the reuben.  Yum and yum on both accounts.

I saw this chalkboard across the room and admired the artistry so I thought I'd take a picture.  I asked the people sitting at the table in front of it to duck and they just laughed at me.  Hey, I wasn't kidding!

The proprietor (I like that word much better than "owner" don't you?  I mean, it goes with "pub" better), Scott Zylstra seated us and waited on us as well.  Nice guy.  We liked him.  He told us to make sure and check out the upstairs.  So we did.

Great place for a banquet or wedding reception, eh?  They have an elevator in case you're not up to climbing these wonderful stairs.

They serve dessert but they are also conveniently located right next to Plainwell Ice Cream so we thought we'd spread our wealth.  And, I thought I remembered that they had peanut butter sauce and I've been jonesin' for it since my friend, Deb, talked about it last weekend.

                   This one is mine.  Underneath the peanut butter sauce is their Deer Traxx.  OMG!

                                                       Petey's choice was hot fudge.

Doesn't he look happy?  It was a very nice way to spend a really hot evening.  I recommend visiting both joints.  In Plainwell - I forgot to tell you.  Yikes, that's kind of important, doncha think?


  1. You guys are so cute. The ice cream with PB sauce sounds wonderful. Pub Proprietor? PP for short? Yeah, I don't know about that.

    Get better fast!

  2. Yep....could you hear me cursing you out from here?? Tell Peter that the Reuben is my favorite when we go there. As for Plainwell Ice Cream.....well, it's just not right that I have to drive by that place to get home; my car just wants to turn in there way too often. It's the only place that I can buy plain ol' Fudge Ripple ....my fav. We MUST make a date to have dinner at The Mill soon! Jane

  3. Ellen, our favorite places in town. Both of them. I grew up in Plainwell along with Becky and remember when it was Newman's ice cream. One of the dippers recognizing me as a regular asked me how long I had been coming there. Since it opened ages ago. As for the pub, did you look up and study the interesting structure to support the grain above. I've been going there since about 1950. Sold and bought a lot of feed there. I can remember it like the mill it was. It is so great to see it have a new life instead of just being torn down. Always have a good meal there. Glad you went even without your friend. You were brave to navigate the torn up town. Joyce

    1. Joyce I took a picture of the ceiling but it didn't do it justice. That was one of the first things we noticed.