Sunday, July 15, 2012

Junk Drawers

Do you have junk drawers?  Are they in your kitchen?  Only in your kitchen?  How many?
Here are mine from left to right - in the kitchen.

This is the only one with a real name.  It's called the "telephone book drawer."  Can you guess why?  This is the go-to drawer.  It has the items we use most often in it.  Scissors, measuring thingy, the Altoids I can't seem to throw away even though I now have a huge supply of my favorite mints along the right side of the drawer.  The ruler, a ball of string, a D battery, etc., etc.  Oh, yeah, and the telephone book!  Hence the name.

Next we have the "middle drawer."  That's not really a name; more of a location.  There's a baggie in there filled to capacity with pens and pencils.  Can you see the shoe brush, top/middle?  No, we never use it anymore but it's such a cool, old thing that we can't toss it so, into a junk drawer it goes.

This drawer doesn't get opened as often as the "telephone book drawer."

This is the third drawer or what is sometimes referred to as "the one next to the pantry."  There's Augie's brush which doesn't get hauled out often and the grill book which does.  We bought that along with the grill a few years ago - a wise decision.

Every year or four one of us decides to tackle and purge these drawers.  It's amazing what we get rid of and the quantity - yowza!  One of us likes to hang onto stuff more than the other - can you guess who that might be?

Our house isn't big so we don't have closets crammed full of stuff.  Oh, yeah, we don't have closets; maybe that's why, eh?  Our basement is dry which not a lot of people can say but it's not chocked full either.  We've actually been pretty good about getting rid of stuff over the years.  It's just that junk drawer problem that needs to be addressed.

Of course, if we did a "drawer cleansing" - what would we use those drawers for then?


  1. I have 1 true junk drawer and 3 "storage drawers" in the kitchen. Obviously I don't cook a lot! My junk drawer has been moved, intact, by professional movers 3 times! I don't even bother to try to clean it out because as soon as I throw something out....I'll need it;)

  2. When we moved, I sifted through the main junk drawer. That proved tideous and annoying. After that, the contents of the other junk drawer was dumped into a plastic bag until it found a new home at the new house. Ahh much better.

    1. Julie - it is a daunting project but I find it cathartic - most of the time.

  3. All my drawers are junk drawers but none are called that. For example, there's the pens-and-scissors drawer where I keep my twist ties and bottle opener. The gloves drawer is home to more pens and scissors as well as an old camera. When I move I think it will all go into a box, ne'er to be seen again.