Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Shoes - Part II

My last blog entry about shoes sorta/kinda put the blame on Petey.  I've felt just a tad bit guilty since then so I decided to turn the tables and show you my stash.

I have a few but I know I don't have as many as other women.  I've seen some closets that left me reeling.  They have their shoes in boxes!  I don't have room for boxes.  I'll show you what I have by category.

First up:  my Croc stash.  I turned into a complete Croc 'ho several years ago.  When I saw them for the first time I thought "clown shoes" and then I tried them on and look what happened.

 Actually there's one pair missing.  Remember them from the back porch photo?  I was too lazy to walk downstairs and get them. When they came out with the faux suede ones I went a little nuts and bought 3 pair.  The faux fur (in the middle) turned out to be uglier than I expected after wearing them for a while but they have come in handy for chilly evening "Augie" walks.

These are old Jazzercise shoes that I just couldn't get rid of when I got new ones.  Except the ones on the right.  Those were free because I raised a substantial amount of $$$ for the Komen walk a few years ago.
I have another old pair of Jazz shoes down on the porch that I use for yard work so why am I still hanging onto these?

Fancy (as I get) on the left.  I think I've worn them 4 times.  The Merrells on the right have been a staple for spring and fall.  When one doesn't want to wear a sneaker, scale up just a bit, and one needs a pair of socks on.  I wore these a lot when we first arrived in northern FL this year.  Love 'em.

And last - my "go-to" sandals.  Notice the absence of thongs?  Can't bear them.  I've tried and tried but they bug my toes.  The majority of sandals have those little torture features, too.  The Chacos on the lower right are my favorite.  I got into them when I was looking for something I could wear on the beach and into the water.  Bad foot, ya know.  These are my second pair and they are truly my Shoe BFF.

Now, those of you with keen eyes are probably wondering, "Wonder why Ellen didn't post any pictures of her high heels"?  I don't own anything with a heel.  I've never worn heels.  I am in awe of women who can actually walk around in those things.  It defies explanation.  Do I sound jealous?  I am - a bit.

I love shoes.  But if I'm going to be honest here (remember my pledge?) I know myself well enough to know that if I had a hundred pair I'd still go back to my favs - over and over again.

Oh, I almost forgot to tell you.  Petey and I got on a purging kick late yesterday afternoon (after I'd already taken these pictures) and tackled our bedroom.  I got rid of the faux suede Crocs and the old Jazzercise shoes and a ton o' clothing.  Everything is going to The Closet at the Episcopal Church downtown.

So - again I'll ask you a question and see who comments.  How do you feel about shoes? 


  1. Good for you for forsaking heels. I pounded the pavement in NYC in heels in the years before it was fashionable to wear your sneaks to work and leave the heels in the office. My feet haven't thanked me for that! I'm grateful to be walking.

  2. Love shoes but hate accumulating them. I know I own "enough" pairs and I am pretty good about not buying them just because. Of course handbags are another story...