Tuesday, July 10, 2012

How Many People Live In My House?

First I'll show you a picture and then we'll play a guessing game, ok?

Let the guessing begin.  Five?  Eighteen?  Two?  Ladies and gentlemen - WE HAVE A WINNER!!!

How does this happen?  Why does this happen?  Can you identify the women's shoes from the men's shoes?
If you're sharp-eyed you'll notice way more from the male world.  I'll help you out here if you're having a problem.

Those red ones in the lower left corner are the first pair of Crocs I ever bought.  It was love at first sight.  I use those at night when I take Augie out for the last "pee-pee" walk.  Can't wear my slippers, ya know.

The white sneakers above them are also mine - my gardening shoes.  That's it, folks.  The rest of them belong to Mr.Petey.  For real.  I'm not kidding - at all.  I don't see his biking shoes in the mix; wonder where they are?  His bowling shoes must be in his bag with his ball elsewhere.  His good sandals are upstairs in the bedroom.  Usually his slippers are there too but they must have been on his feet when I took this picture.

I will admit to one more pair of mine which are out of sight.  My Jazzercise shoes are on the porch as well but never in this pile.  I keep them neatly on top of the storage area we have out there - next to the recycling bins.

I'm actually ok with this shoe collection.  I started picking my battles a long time ago and this one ain't worth it.  Or as a lady from Texas once said, "Honey, you gotta pick the hill you're gonna die on."  Words to live by.

What I don't like is when they drift.  All gathered together I can live with - scattered from one side of the porch to the other makes me twitch.

If I remember, I'll take a winter shot when the boots come out.  It's not pretty.


  1. Love this one Ellen. Coming up on one year married I am still getting adjusted to this guy. I love to put things he leaves here and there where I know where they are. Guess he needs me to tell me where stuff is. Works better that way too. He lost his car keys for one year. Never knows where he put his wallet either as opposed to me who knows exactly where that purse is. Maybe I should put the wallet in it. Hummmm? Joyce

  2. Oops guess he needs me to tell HIm where stuff is . You new what I meant

    1. I did know what you meant, Joyce. Didn't trip me up at all. What would these men do without us, eh?

  3. My Dad always said. The things that bothers you most when someone is alive will be the first thing u miss when they r gone! My Grandmother snored every night in her bedroom next to mine. When she passed, I would of done anything to hear that sound again. I was 18 then. Jim Ferguson

  4. Oh, only u two live in the house. Inside info!

    1. Jim - you win! You win!!! I'll give you another bead next I see you. How's that?