Monday, July 23, 2012

Hungry? You might want to check this place out.

       Here's the over-all view of Dailey's Kitchen and Stella's.  Oh, yeah, you're in downtown Allegan.

 Now you're inside Dailey's Kitchen.  Hey, who's that behind the counter?  That's Jack Dailey.  He was in charge the day I was there because Stella was elsewhere prepping for a big catering job the following day.

If you sit at this table you will be alarmingly close to the delicious desserts.  Just wanted to give you a heads up.  It's a dangerous stop - full of temptation.  Not that I've ever fallen prey to those temptations. hahaha

                         Now you're on the other side of the dessert case.  Much safer territory.

                                               The kitchen - where the magic happens.

This is the other half.  Get it?  Kind of a play on words, eh?  Jack and Stella are a married couple.  hehe
This room is perfect for a large group.  As a matter of fact, Tomas the Magnificent's class reunion was     held here Saturday night and I understand a good time was had by all.

Notice the microphones against the left wall?  Jack and Stella, known as the Dailey Duo, perform here sometimes - and elsewhere.  Jack is one of the best guitars players I have ever had the privilege of watching/hearing.  Together, this married couple will entertain your socks off.  If you're wearing any.

 This room is just off the larger room separated by a few steps and doors that can be closed.  It has a great view of the river front boardwalk.


Right outside the larger room is this wonderful two-tiered deck.  There's also a patio area at the bottom of the stairs which I didn't take a picture of - sorry.  Great for summer dining.

Since Stella wasn't there on this particular day I took this picture of "the kids" so you could get a look at her.

                                                      Stop in for lunch sometime.