Friday, July 27, 2012

Need a haircut?

I get my hair cut every 4 weeks without fail.  My stylist is a busy gal so I always make my next appointment before I leave and almost nothing will cause me to cancel or change that appointment.  Nothing, I tell ya.

This is my place.  I've been going there for many years. Conveniently located across from McDonald's and next to Little Cesar's - not that I ever go to either place - much. ha! That "A" needs a little work I think.

When I find someone I like I stick with them.  The first woman I entrusted my hair to was Sue.  She worked miracles for several years and then had the audacity to retire!  The woman that worked at the chair right next to her took over that spot, right next to the window so she could wave to passing cars, and I just stayed put.

I miss Sue but I love, Michelle.  She's such a dork.  hehe  We laugh and cry together every month.  She is a kind hearted soul; her ultimate goal is to make sure you're happy with what just happened in her chair.  I always am.

This is co-owner, Shirley.  Shirl and I went to school together - she's old. hehe  She's one of those multi-talented people, too.  I hate her.  She makes amazing cakes and other sweet treats.  If you've been reading my blog for a while you saw pictures of her goodies at my open house last spring.
Hey, Shirl, get out there and fix that "A" on the awning, will ya?

 Here she is giving someone (didn't catch her name) a manicure.  I haven't had many of those in my life; maybe two but Shirley gave me one of them.  Mighty nice.

Last February I sat in this chair so Shirley could work her magic on my tootsies just before I left for Florida.  I deemed them "beach worthy."  I believe I took a picture of my flaming red toes and put it in the March entries.  If you're dying to see them (you know you are) check out "March."

I love this place.  It's like a "hair bar" for me.  Everybody knows your name.  Get it?  The Cheers theme?
I love how clever I can be - don't you?


  1. Are you ever not clever?

    This post reminds me of "Steel Magnolias" for some reason. I am trying to place which character you would be? Wheezer? ; )

    1. I'd have to go back and review the list of characters to see where I fit in.

  2. Great blog post to read. Today, I just had my last haircut.

    1. Pa Ul - thank you for stopping by my blog. I'm glad you enjoyed it.
      I looked at yours as well. Your art is wonderful.

  3. Your analysis on Michelle is spot on! If our life wasn't always changing and a haircut the last thing on my mind most days, I go back to her in a heart beat!

    1. You're absolutely right. Michelle is a busy lady and walk-ins are never part of her day.
      One day (you'll be surprised how fast it will happen) you can actually make an appt. ahead of time.