Thursday, December 6, 2012

Yum, yum and double yum

Many years ago I was asked to join the board of trustees for a local family foundation - the Mignon Sherwood Delano Foundation.  Mr. and Mrs. Delano did not have children but had plenty o' $$$.  While Mrs.Delano was still alive she contacted a legal eagle and some banker types to set up a foundation so her money could be used to help people in our area.

We accept applications from non-profit groups and once a year, after we have sifted through the apps and made our decisions (a very difficult process), we invite 3 grant recipients to come have dinner with us at Mrs.Delano's former home which is now a B&B.

This year's dinner (Tues.night) was catered by:

Lori's Cupcakes | Full Service Catering And Desserts

We had Lori (I have no idea why I'm typing in bold but it will not let me change so . . . enjoy) cater one of our meetings in Kazoo earlier in the grant sifting process and were impressed so we invited her to do her "thang" here in Allegan.


  Here she is waiting in the kitchen patiently while I gab away and snap her pic.  And now, ladies and gentle, I present to you our treats for the evening.


Appetizers (hey! the bold font is gone -  no clue) in the living room.

 Then we moved into the dining room.  Wonderful rolls with two types of butter.  I almost licked that cinnamon butter right off the plate.  I showed restraint - for a change.

 The salad had bits of many different things in it.  I was going to really pay attention to the contents so I could do a bang up job of describing the deliciousness but I simply didn't slow down enough.

The entree was pork with apples, the sweet potato casserole made my heart sing and the veggies riding along were excellent. 

The dessert (back to bold, grrrrr).  I said the sweet potatoes made my heart sing - well, the dessert had me screaming my 63 year old head off.  OMG!  People, I wish you could have joined us for this part.  Amazing!!!

 When all was said and done, Lori, even had baggies and carry-out boxes for us so we could take home the left-overs.  It got a little aggressive during that part of the evening.  One of the other trustees yelled at me because she thought I was heading toward her dessert to put it in my baggie.  I won't name names but you saw the pronoun I used and now I'll show you a picture of the trustees and let you figure out who I'm talking about.



  She looks sweet, doesn't she?  Not when it comes to killer desserts.

Stay tuned because my next blog will be about the Delano Inn with pictures.  Maybe I'll get this damn bold font thing figured out by then.  Or not.


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  1. That food looks wonderful! Bet you could have taken her if you really wanted too! I am looking forward to the photos of the Inn!