Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Christmas thoughts

Here we are - a week away.  Well, actually less than that and my thoughts and emotions surrounding Christmas are all over the place.

For many, many years we made the drive to Bethlehem, PA to spend Christmas with Peter's family.  We squeezed in time with mine as well because my sister, Stacey, lives out east.

When I think back on all the Christmas trips (12 hours) we made to Bethlehem - there were over 30 - they were always wonderful.  We'd arrive in Bethlehem in the evening, after dark, and drive over the Hill-to-Hill bridge.  Huge neon candles sat atop that bridge and the star of Bethlehem greeted us as we drove up and over the hill to my in-laws' home.

We didn't go back last year.  My sister-in-law died in the spring, 2011, and our son came home from Japan that year so we stayed in MI.  It was difficult for all of us because we missed Patty terribly but it was nice to be in our own home with our son and his girlfriend.

This year our son is not coming home; they were just here in Oct. celebrating my mother's 90th birthday.  We won't be driving to PA, though, because the trip has just gotten too scary - for me in particular.  Will it snow?  Is that black ice? etc., etc.  We'll go out in June and spend relaxed quality time with everyone.

My point here (I know, I'm taking a long frigging time getting to it, aren't I?) is that Christmas emotions are bouncing all over everywhere.  Our family is small, no little kids around, it's never the same as when you were a child, the wonderment is replaced with sadness at times - missing family members and friends.

Wow, this is sounding pretty maudlin isn't it?  I don't mean for it to be so . . . . whatever.  My dad died the day after Christmas 7 years ago.  My niece died 2 years ago today.  The sky is cloudy and gray.  Not a good combo.

Don't worry.  I'll pull out of this.  Maybe I'll crank up Rockin' Around the Christmas Tree or find something by the chipmunks.  Yeah, that ought to do it.   

I'll bring this to an end by wishing you all a wonderful holiday season.  Good health and happiness to you in the new year.   

Where's the figgy pudding? 


  1. Figgy pudding on the table just waiting for you

  2. No mention of the renewed tradition of being together with friends on Christmas Eve in MI??? A little smaller than last year with Rena and Michael, but still a wonderful way to spend a special evening (in a decorated house)!!!

    1. I was going to include that but I could feel myself getting a little long-winded and I kind of pride myself on having short installments.
      But since you bring it up . . . It would be a pretty dreary Christmas eve if we weren't spending it at your house with friends.

  3. Do you need some little kids to come over, run through the house a few times, and shouting out some Christmas tunes? If that's the case, I know just the kids. And they come free of charge!
    I'm with you though, with no snow I'm feeling a little blah about this season. I need a little, tiny bit of fluff to get in the mood.

    1. Free kids! I like free.
      Yeah, about that no snow thing. I'm at the point now that I'd probably welcome some instead of this damn rain. Talk about dismal.

  4. Give this a try for starters, helps me anyhow

    if this doesn't post as a hyperlink just copy and paste in a browser.


    1. Thanks, Phil. I'm going to crank that puppy up this afternoon while Petey's bowling and dance around the house.