Monday, December 3, 2012

Trucks in town

If you've been reading along you know that Allegan is small (5,000ish people) and that I live right smack in the middle of the city.

What you don't know unless you live here or travel through Allegan on your way elsewhere is that there's no way to get around the town.  Well, that's not entirely true.  You can get around it but you have to know what you're doing.  It's not something a newbie should ever try.

So let's all get out our Michigan maps and take a look, eh?  Got 'em?  Ok.  See how Allegan is north of Kalamazoo and south of Grand Rapids?  Notice how Holland is north west of town, too.  If you're coming from Kazoo and want to go to Holland you need to drive through Allegan - the most direct route.

I'm directionally challenged so that's the last example from me.  You'll need to trust me on this when I tell you the whole world passes through town on their way to someplace else.  Particularly the trucks.

I mentioned that I live in the middle of town.  I wasn't kidding.  I'm exactly one block over from the big intersection where all roads meet.  Also, my house is at the bottom of a big, friggin' hill.

Let's talk trucks.  I don't mean pickups or bread trucks.  I want to tell you about the big ass semis.  The vibration they make shakes my house.  I can't really say the noise bothers me because I'm used to it.  But the number of trucks that haul through that intersection on a daily basis is astounding.

I don't have anything against trucks and their drivers.  They are the backbone of this country - along with farmers and teachers.   I just wish there was an alternate route.

Why don't we have a bypass, you ask?  Yeah, why don't we have a bypass?  Study after study after study has been taken and still - no bypass.  

I have a neighbor, Owen, who used to drive truck and he said, from his experience, there's no way any trucker in his right mind would choose to drive through this town if they had an alternate route.  They have to lose time with the stop lights (ok, there's only two but still) and the turns.  I'm sure they'd prefer to keep the "pedal to the metal" and arrive at their destination sooner.

Do I think Allegan will see a bypass in my lifetime?  Oh, hell, no.   

Would I move off my block if I had the opportunity? Had enough of the rhetorical questions yet?  I love where I live but, yeah, maybe.  


  1. Yea, I recall living atop "water tower hill" where the trucks would downshift and the house would rumble. Only big big cities get the bypasses. Babylon Road bypass maybe? Interesting.

    1. Babylon Rd., yes, certainly a possibility but I'd be mighty pissed if I lived on Bablylon.

  2. I can relate to the traffic and the trucks! When we lived in Charlotte we were right on M-50 and had all the traffic. But, like you we got use to it! It was those air brakes the trucks use to slow down....UGH. What really got to me was on Fridays when I saw all the people with their campers and such headed to someplace to enjoy themselves and I was still setting on my porch!! LOL By the way, I do wave when I go by!!!!

  3. I live in the county and don't have to put up with the trucks but here is my opinion. By sending the truck traffic out Hooker Rd or where ever, it just moves the problem from the city folks to the country folks. At least the city folks knew they were buying property on the truck route( or should have). The country folks bought their piece of heaven in the country and now will get the city's problem. Think of someone who sold their city lot because of truck traffic and moved to the country--only to have the route changed and now they are in the truck route again. I sure it is a pain and very noisy but moving the truck route out of town just makes it someone else's problem in my opinion

    1. I totally agree. That's why I think it will never happen. I spent my younger years (up until age 10)actually at the big intersection I mentioned above. We, as kids, loved it.
      Wonder if that's what drew me back here. Comfy in the 'hood.