Thursday, December 13, 2012

Headaches - what a pain.

I never had headaches as a kid/teenager. They came along with a vengeance, though, when I started taking birth control pills. That was way back in the day when the estrogen was strong.  Every month I'd get a blinder.  Whew!  Thankfully that phase of my life is over.

Then the ocular migraines started.  The only good thing about them is the duration isn't long (maybe 20 min.) and there's no pain; just a very odd feeling.  I can't describe it - kind of a pressure but not exactly.  And weird things in my eyes - visions, if you will.  Not of Jesus or anything although that would be kind of exciting.

A handful of years ago my sister, Lisa, told me about a woman she'd seen at the hospital who told her that she takes a 325mg aspirin daily via her doctor's orders for ocular migraines.

I gave it a whirl and by golly the frequency dropped way off and the severity lessened when one did show up.

I've never been able to identify a trigger for these things - not stress, food or smells.

A few years ago Petey and I were out to dinner with Lisa and I was telling a story.  I was trying to make a point and couldn't seem to finish my sentence.  I backed up and started again - nope.  Couldn't get the word to come out.  By then, naturally, they were making fun of me.  Nice, eh?  Two minutes later I got an ocular migraine.  Boy, did they feel bad.  Serves 'em right.

The other day I was working up at the hospice office and I was stumbling all over my words.  I was talking to one of the nurses and kept screwing my sentences up and having a tough time completing a thought.  I joked about having had a stroke. hehehehe - not funny.

Yup, you guessed it - I started seeing the "wormies."  Sometimes they're black spots or holes in my vision but mostly squiggly things I call "wormies."

It's a creepy feeling and I had to wait until the visual distortion went away before I could go home.  Afterward I just feel like holding down the couch.  That's the period I call "the eye-graine hangover."

Probably more detail than you needed.  Sorry.  Aren't you glad I don't have hemorrhoids?

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  1. I am just glad you feel better, and seem to have them under control! Oh, and no info on the menorrhoids needed!!! I have my own nasties I could get even with! LOL