Saturday, December 15, 2012


I didn't hear about the school shooting until late yesterday.  Today after watching the news my heart feels much like it did the day President Kennedy was assassinatedI feel the same heaviness that I felt on 9/11.

We don't have a gun in the house - never have.  My dad hunted but I can honestly say I don't remember ever seeing his gun/guns.  

It's hard for me to relate to guns.  I get the whole hunting thing.  I'm totally fine with that.  It's those semi-automatic things I do not get.  Why, besides war, would anyone ever need a weapon like that?

Over the years I have experienced anger.  There have been times I thought my head would explode.  There have been a few people that have crossed my path that I would have gladly seen go up in flames.  Well, maybe not quite to that extreme but you get the idea.

Being so angry at something or someone that I would go into a building and start shooting?  Children?  There isn't a scenario available that would push me in that direction.

I can not imagine the sadness that is being experienced today.  The voids left in hearts.  The voids that will go on for ever.  

Something is broken; damaged beyond repair I'm afraid for something like this to happen.

I'd like to say I'm slightly encouraged  because surely something will be done about the guns . . . but I'm not.

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