Monday, June 18, 2012

Pictures Have Changed

Remember when you carried family pictures around in your wallet/purse?  At the slightest mention of children/grandchildren you'd pull out a ream of the smiling squares.
I actually saw someone do that last Friday and I realized I hadn't seen a "real" picture in a long time.
Now when one asks about the recent wedding or class reunion people pull out their phones and pass them around.
I'm not sure how I feel about that.  It's certainly convenient.  Much easier than lugging an album around. 
I get a little nervous, though.  What if you lose your phone?  How many people actually download those pictures to a safe site?  If they don't then all the shots of the kids standing next to Cinderella's castle will be gone forever.
I was just getting ready to sling some bull you-know-what about how much I love looking at the old albums.  One for my wedding.  Several of Michael when he was little but I'd be fibbing (lying is such a strong word, doncha think?). 
It's much quicker and easier to click my way through the past several years.  But still; it just feels like we're missing out on something.
It is definitely the wave of the future, though. 
One of these days I guess I'll have to get one of those fancy, new-fangled phones that take pictures.
Some day.  Not just yet - I still have 78 units left on my Tracfone.
Gosh, those last few sentences sounded like I was channeling Andy Rooney.  Creepy, eh?


  1. Maybe next play date, I can bring my wedding album down? Would LOVE to see yours!