Sunday, June 24, 2012

Another Coolio Spot in Allegan

There's an area in Allegan, down by the river (most everything is "down by the river" here; that sucker does a lot of winding around) called The Mill District.  There are three buildings there that used to be thriving factories back in the day.  Like so many factories in this country they "failed to thrive" after a time and stood empty for many years.
Then along came an industrious couple, Joe and Deb Leverence, who decided to make a difference.  Wow, did they!  They transformed one of those empty dinosaurs into . . . . . this.

 No picture of the front door - sorry.  I tried twice and each time something weird happened.

 They toiled for months and months and months under many watchful eyes.  I'm sure some of those "eyes" muttered, "what the hell are those two out-of-towners up to down there?"
I know, without a doubt, that there is no way that I could have ever had the stamina these two had to see their dream come true.  There were set backs (a little thing like a flood) but they kept right on and turned that old thing into Baker Studio.  Let's have a look inside.

 I'm guessing and I'm probably wrong but there have to be at least 30 artists represented in this building.

 I've had Dan at my open house before and you really need to see his things up close to appreciate the craftsmanship.  Just above Dan's display are my friend, Joy's, watercolors.  Of course, since I'm not the greatest photographer, you're only seeing the lower halves.  Sorry, Joy.

 Aren't these beautiful?  Somebody actually made these dresses - like sewed them.  Too much for me to even imagine.  I use duct tape to hem things.

 Those are looms.  Did I mention that Deb is a weaver extraordinaire?  Well, she is and if you'd like to try your hand (well, you'll actually need to use both hands) at weaving - she'll teach ya!

Hey!  Whose beautiful glass beads are those?  I'll give you three guesses.  Yes, they're mine and I love having my work displayed at Baker Studio.  They're wonderful people to work with. 
And speaking of those wonderful people . . . . . here they are!

See - Deb can't stop weaving - that's a teeny, tiny, baby loom she's playing with as we speak.  Notice how Joe's just sitting there - watching?  That's ok, he deserves a break now and then.  Right, Joe?

If you're in the area during a Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday or Sunday, you need to stop down and see what these two have accomplished, check out the beautiful stuff inside and, for cryin' out loud, buy some of my beads!

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  1. Thanks for the wonderful write up Ellen, we love you & your work. You are also right, that we have about 30 West Michigan Artists....Deb