Friday, June 8, 2012

Car Adornment

Do you have bumper stickers on your car?  We've never gotten into the whole message on the car thing.  Although I would really, really like to have one of those Darwin fish.  Maybe someday.  Or the one that starts with a tiny thing that evolves into an ape and then a man.  Those are cool.  I'd like one of those.
The one I've been noticing a lot lately is the "family" decal-looking gizmo that goes on the rear window.  You know - it has a white outline of "mom", "dad", and couple of kids and even the dog.  I call that "cute overload."
Remember the "baby on board" ones?  Proud parents, I'm guessing.
Now I'm morphing into the rear deck items.  Bobble heads.  Baseball caps.  Stuffed animals.  Yikes!
How about saints on the dash?  Dice hanging from the rearview.
I also enjoy watching for vanity plates when we travel.  At least they're clever.  Often, you have to use your imagination to figure them out. Of course, if the car passes you doing 85mph, you'd better be quick.
How much do people have to pay for those special license plates, anyway?
Speaking of putting silly things on your cars - this goes back a way and you have to have lived in an area that got a busload of snow -  but people used to attach something colorful to their car antennas.  Most of them were bright orange or yellow.  That way when you came to an intersection other cars would know you were there because of the bright ball.  We had very high snowbanks back then.  Safety issues, ya know.
Then the thievery began.  People (teenagers?) would steal them.  Not that I was involved in that particular crime.  I just heard about it.
So, do you have a "honk if you love Jesus" bumper sticker on the family wagon?


  1. I have to admit to two in the back window. My Mich alum sticker and a I (red heart) Bequia one. Walked up to MY car in Meijers lot once and opened the tailgate. The baby stroller was a big clue that the one two spaces down was really MINE. Haven't had that problem since the stickers were added. Now I just get asked what a Bequia is. Joyce

  2. And so I'll ask now, Joyce. What IS a Bequia?

  3. No decals. No dice. No bumper stickers. No vanity plate. No anything. Either we are really boring people or we just aren't "getting" the car as a message board idea.

    When we went to Disney a couple of years ago, someone put a Mickey Mouse antenna ball on my folks car. They left it on because mom said it helped her to find her car in the parking lot.

  4. Ellen, Bequia is a where. A beautiful Carribbean island in the country St Vincent and the Grenadines. J

  5. We just bought a couple new bumper stickers this weekend. "Non-judgement day is near" for me and "I embarrass my offspring" for Chuck. For Chelsea, "Nerds turn me on" It brings a small amount of humor into ones day and I can always find my silver car in a parking lot!

  6. Ask Jeremy sometime how he feels about the cute overload mom, dad, kids, dog decals. Hahahahahahahahaha!