Thursday, June 28, 2012

A Question About Toilet Paper

Yes, we all use it so let's talk about the specific usage.
Many years ago I was at a party when the subject of how people use this stuff came up.  We decided there were two techniques:  folding and wadding.
I  began an informal poll of the crowd in attendance.  There was quite a bit of drinking going on (not me, of course) so the answers were colorful.
When all was said and done the numbers seemed pretty even between those that folded (neatly) and the wadders.
Then - a surprise.  My sister, Lisa, was returning from a potty run with a shocked look on her face.  "I just discovered a new category - I'm a wrapper!"
We decided wrapping wasn't really a new category but a sub-category of "folding."
As I mentioned, this group was in full party mode so the survey morphed into how much toilet paper people actually used per trip to the john.  Really?  Talk about "anal" - no pun intended.  Well, not really, I intended to use "anal" - why wouldn't I?  You'd be disappointed if I didn't.
One guy (naturally) said he allowed himself only six (6) squares for the cleansing.  HOW IS THAT POSSIBLE?  I think he was pretty drunk.  He couldn't have been serious, right?
Another guy (again, naturally) told me that when tearing the tissue from the roll, if it tore mid-square, he had to start all over again.  Can you say "obsessive"?  Not to mention the waste.
Now, this blog entry clearly requires your feedback.
I'm waiting.  This is the kind of info I live for - don't let me down.
Oops - totally forgot to tell you that I'M A WADDER AND PROUD OF IT!


  1. Replies
    1. Inquiring minds want to know...wrapper.

  2. Folder, and finish with Wet Wipes... That's when you find out how ineffective toilet paper is... Ewwwww.

  3. How can 3 of us, taught by the same mother, have 3 different styles? Wadder, wrapper and folder. Just imagine if dad had gotten in on the teaching!

  4. Anonymous (Joe?) - the Wet Wipes was TMI. Ewww is right.
    Stace - I can easily imagine what dad's response would have been

  5. I use old Sears catalogs, ROFL.

  6. Ah, the age old question......well, as old as the invention of TP anyway. I think if you ran a new poll, most men fold and most women wad. I'm a wadder. You come up with some "interesting" subjects!

  7. I think much can be said for maintaining an air of mystery here as there is so little mysterious about me. However, I remember my dad being a little obsessive about how much tp our little family of 4 was using...we had a family meeting about using just 4 squares for regular jobs. Whatever, dad. I was curious to know how he was going to "monitor" the situation and know who the errant tp users really were.

  8. "Family meeting." hahahaha Who took notes? Too funny.