Tuesday, June 26, 2012

I am Mint-obsessed

If you've been reading along you know that I don't chew gum.  Ever.  So I always carry breath mints with me so y'all don't have to dodge my coffee breath.  You're welcome.
I remember being introduced to Altoids - the curiously strong mint - several years ago and carried them around for a long, long time.
The only problem I had with Altoids was the size of the container (pretty big) and the "dust" they create.  They're chalky little dudes and the banging around inside that tin causes dust which spills out of the tin and into your purse.  Looks like there's been a leak in your bag of cocaine. hehe
My mom always had the little clear plastic box of mints in her purse (can't remember the brand name) and I've tried those but they're not strong enough for me.  I don't get that "clean, fresh" mouth feel after polishing off one of the little egg-shaped mints.  Plus they're not easy to get into while driving - tricky opening.
Then I found Eclipse breath mints.  Perfect!  A few different flavors to pick from, sugar-less and the perfect container.
The problem began when, all of a sudden, I couldn't find them.  They disappeared from my local grocery store and I couldn't find them at the big box stores either.  They all carried the gum but we know my history with gum so . . .
I was thinking of buying a case online when I decided to write Wrigley and tell them of my plight.    They responded quickly and told me that the closest store to me that carries my beloved mints was 22 miles away!  No prob - I'll couple that trip with one to the mall in Grand Rapids. 
And so I did.

I bought 8 boxes.  Aren't they cute?  Minty fresh.  Nice container.  Easy access.  Ahhhhhhh


  1. You are driving 22 miles for mints? Can you source them online?

  2. I looked online and could buy by the case but we were headed to the mall anyway and Byron Center (Family Fair) is on the way.

  3. On Altoids: I share your commentary on the mint dust, but I simply cannot give them up! The problem is not so much the dust they create, as the dust that comes in a new tin. I have discovered the solution. Save an empty tin, buy a new tin, and transfer the mints to the old (dustless, 'cause I cleaned it out) tin, problem solved! Yes, yes, it's a fabulously fastidious ritual, but so is driving 33 miles for mints!

    [You're welcome.]

  4. That solution took some brain power. Congrats on that.
    Hey, who is this anyway? You know you always have the option of typing your name in the comment box even though you're coming in anonymously.
    BTW - it was 22 miles, not 33. I'm not completely nuts, ya know.