Sunday, June 1, 2014

Party in the woods

We celebrated a friend's birthday last evening in a magical place in the woods - her home.
There was food and music and people everywhere - standing on decks, sitting in the driveway and coveting the gazebo.

A newly remodeled kitchen had us salivating.  Ok, so did the yummy snacks on the bar but that kitchen - yowza!

Yes, two cakes.  How does she rate, anyway?  Joann's biz is travel and she does it well.  Satisfied customers everywhere.  The Italian cake designates her favorite country.  The one representing Turkey . . . hmmm, can't remember why but I'm sure there was a coolio significance.

Looking down at the beautiful planter from the deck.

This area is all groomed in case you'd like to stroll down to the water's edge. 

How cool is this gazebo!  I almost missed it; it is tucked away among the trees.  I'd call it a "tree house" myself but Chaneys insist on calling it a gazebo.

A view of the treetops from inside the gazebo.

I wish I'd remembered the hot tub.  I would have soooo brought my suit along. hehe

Tables for our dining pleasure were set up on the driveway.

The man who done the ribs!!!

The house.  Maybe someday they'll upgrade.  Poor things, having to live in a place like this.  I feel sorry for them, don't you?

And then there was music - with a drum beat performed by one of Joann's grandsons.

Krys and Rick Dutkiewicz filled in on the vocals.
Hey, where's a picture of the birthday girl you ask?  No-frigging-where because . . . well, because I forgot.  Dang it!
I'll have to catch her at Jazzericse after we're all sweated up and get a pic and then add it later.  She'll love that, won't she?

Another wonderful evening filled with fun and friends right here in little ole Allegan.

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  1. Wow! What a beautiful home, setting and kitchen. Looks like a fun time.