Saturday, June 21, 2014

7 cities/7 days, part VII

Our last stop in this saga was Erie, PA.  Awww, are you sad it's come to an end?  Rumor had it there were 3 lighthouses in this area so this is how we decided to bring the trip to a close.

At first we thought this was one of the lights and were a bit disappointed.  What a couple of rubes we were.  I actually don't remember the significance of this tower and, truthfully, I didn't care.

We got directions from a friendly fellow to Presque Isle, their state park, and 2 lighthouses.  We saw these cool house "boats" on our way.

Light #1

Light #2

Then we headed back to town to see the last of the lights.


We made an offer on this boat but the greedy bastards wouldn't accept it.

Remember me with doors, right?

We spent the night somewhere that had almost nothing to pick from for dinner so pancakes at Denny's seemed to fit the bill.
It was a wonderful week.  Augie had a blast at doggie camp and greeted us with a lot of licking and jumping.
Ah, the family is back together. 


  1. Love the 3rd lighthouse and that boat is too cool. wouldn't it be great on the river?

  2. Love all the lighthouses! Your trip sounds like it was a really fun time. It is always nice to get away...and always nice to come home.