Monday, June 16, 2014

7 days/7 cities, part II

These pictures are from the Pocono portion of our trip and out of order but that's really not going to affect your life much, right?

My sister, Stacey, highly recommended this place in Stroudsburg for lunch so we struggled through the sammies (fantastic, btw) until we could order these sundaes. This one belongs to my sis. Those are Petey's fingers in the above photo.

Mine.  All mine covered in peanut butter sauce. OMG!!!

Contemplating his selection.  Looks happy, doesn't he?

As we left Williamsport on our way to the Poconos we happened upon the Little League complex.  Since Petey is a LL vet, we stopped.

Casey at Bat.  The poem is inscribed around the base and Petey read it aloud as we encircled the big man.  Very dramatic.

This spot is near a shop we went to with Stacey.  Had to check it out.

We were tempted to bounce anyway but figured the security cams would alert the cops.  How embarrassing would that be?

There's Petey not bouncing.

This is Nia.  He's my sister's Welsh Terrier and quite a guy.
My sister and BIL, John, live in this wonderful place called Lake in the Clouds in Canedensis, PA.  It's in the Pocono Mts.  We were hoping for brilliant sun and time on the deck but Mother Nature had another plan.  We fooled her, though, and had a wonderful visit anyway.

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