Sunday, June 29, 2014

I saw dead people - again

Our historical society held their cemetery tour last night.  It was so successful last year that they thought they should do it again.  Not with the same dead people, silly, they "dug up" (couldn't help myself) six new ones.
There are several gates to the cemetery.  We chose one of the side entries.

Some of the organizers.  Everyone did a great job.

These two led us to the six grave sites.

First up was Louisa J. Hoffman.  Her first marriage was interesting in that she and her sister married brothers.  She thought that was exceptional but we happen to know sisters that did the same thing.  Right Mary and Ann Elder?
That marriage didn't work out for Louisa, though.  She kicked him to the curb and married the Hoffman fellow.  After his death she moved to Allegan in 1910.  She met an untimely death when the bricks from the chimney that was being repaired at her home fell on her head.  Watch out, Louisa!  Too late.

This handsome fellow is Horace Moore.  He was a lumber man who was quite successful.  A rich dude.  He built a beautiful home right down the street from ours.  It's for sale if you're interested.  My personal interest was in the fact that he was Mignon Delano's grandfather.

This is Boblicka, the "gypsy queen."  She came to Allegan with her family which included her husband and 7 children for the fair.  I imagine her plan was to read Tarot cards and tell fortunes.  Unfortunately she and her 8th baby died while she was giving birth.

Boblicka's headstone.

Mignon Sherwood Delano.  We always called her Mrs.Delano - never Mignon.

This "Mignon" talked about hiring John Pahl (local historian now in his 90s) as a kid to water down Cutler Street twice a day in the summer to keep the dust under control.
Mrs.Delano never had children and allowed the little Brachman girls who lived down the street to spend many, many hours in her home.

This is Anson Lince.  As a boy he loved trains.  He followed that love and became an engineer working for the Allegan and Lakeshore railway.   That job came to an abrupt end when poor Anson was only 34 years old.  On one of those trips the engine turned over pinning Mr.Lince underneath.  The steam did a number on him and he died shortly after being extracted from the train.  Yuck.

If you're a Yankee and have any southern friends I'm sure you've told this story a million times.  We never tire of it.
This is Benjamin Pritchard.  During the civil war, Gen.Pritchard commanded Company L and they were charged with capturing Jefferson Davis. 
A young soldier from Martin happened to spot Davis who was disguised as a woman trying to make his getaway.
That famous capture netted Pritchard with a cool $100,000 which he shared with his troops.
Our house sits in an area of Allegan called "Pritchard's Overlook." 

After the tour we were treated to a cool drink and a cookie in the chapel.  I missed both because I was so taken with this dress.  I would have bought it but was told it wasn't for sale.  I look good in black so I was very disappointed.

These markers were on display.

Another great tour.  The cemetery is so beautiful and the history is captivating.  
Can't wait until next year.


  1. Can't believe I missed it again. : (

    1. I was going to remind you but I knew how interested you were in it and figured you had it written on your calendar.