Wednesday, June 18, 2014

7 days/7 cities, part IV

Just before leaving Bethlehem we decided to catch some lunch at the Sands Casino.  Part of the old steel mill has been converted into restaurants, stores and games.
We did a brief walk-about among the slots until I caught a whiff of cigarette smoke and then headed for the poison-free food court.
Now it was time to head to our nephew, Mike's, home in Berwyn, near Philadelphia.
Mike, his wife, Michelle and the kids, Amanda and Andrew took us to tour Valley Forge.  Very beautiful, rolling hills added to the experience.

Something to do with George Washington.

This is the ceiling of the arch shown above.  You know me, I like those ceilings and floor shots.
I like creepy stone faces too.  I'm just that kinda gal.
I thought this would be perfect for a no maintenance summer home and then I found out there was no indoor plumbing.  Deal-breaker! 

 Another something that caught my eye.

See how Michelle was standing outside this "summer home?"  Yeah she was having nothing to do with it either.
 Ready - aim - fire!!!

Time to eat - again.  We all went
to this lovely, little neighborhood
Italian restaurant. 

Mike and Michelle.  They are not in witness protection.  Since they're both lawyers, they must have found a loop hole.  hahaha.  Am I cracking you up cuz I'm laughing out loud here.

I think Amanda must have been shaking her head at her "crazy" Aunt Ellen because, normally, her face isn't blurry.
Andrew is showing you all his fake smile even though we begged him not to.  He's just that way. 
Two great kids with parents to match.
More wonderful family time.

Train station on our way to the restaurant.  We don't have trains in Allegan so I was all gawking and clicking my camera.

Arty shot!


 Bye-bye, Kichlines. 

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