Saturday, June 14, 2014

7 days/7 cities - Part I

Petey and I just returned from a road trip out east.  7 days/7 cities.
It started out because my favorite singer of all time, EG Kight, was playing at a blues festival in Williamsport, PA.
I figured it would be a perfect way to start out a trip to see the family as well.
I have seen EG twice before but never with her band.  I was so pumped it's amazing that I didn't burst a seam or blow a gasket.
We stayed at the Genetti Hotel in downtown Williamsport and felt queen-ish and king-ish.

No one's ever left a note on my bed before. Cool, eh?

The Genetti is very old and has a fascinating history.

Loved the shower.

"Rubber ducky, you're the one"

The lobby


Downtown Williamsport is very cool.  These murals were across the street from our hotel.

We arrived late afternoon on Saturday; the blues festival was the next day so we set out to find some food.

We lucked out.  Outside seating, beautiful weather and music.

The old rail station.

Ringo was next door to the hotel with his all-star band Sunday night.  I understand the show sold out quickly.

Other than city hall, I have no idea what the other three pictures are of.  I just liked their looks.

This marks the beginning of Williamsport's "Millionaires Row."  Beautiful big ole houses.

This is the second floor mail shoot.  We were told there is only one other still around.  I'll show it to you in a later blog; bumped into it by happenstance.

This is not the first time I've taken a picture of flooring for my blog.  Probably won't be the last either.

Our breakfast hang-out.

The "ladies" was recently redone.  Fancy.

More flooring.  I can't help myself.

A little resting place to take a load off if one so desires.  OMG, I'm talking like some kind of society dame.  Well, except for the "take a load off."  That sounds like a trucker dame.

I also have a thing for doors.

The main floor mail shoot.  No longer in use but so very, very cool.

I have to look at the poster to remind myself who else was there.  Honestly, I paid no attention.  My main focus was EG.

So glad we thought to bring our chairs.  I managed to catch a bit of a nap in mine between EG's band performance on the main stage and her solo session in the acoustic tent later on.

There she is!  Her band was killer.  I had to fight my way to the front of the mosh pit but I used my elbows and may have stepped on a few toes.  Oh well.

EG tries to have some local kids up when possible for a few songs and these boys were great.

Each time I've seen EG perform I've been fortunate enough to spend a bit of time talking with her.  This day we got some quality "chat time" in.
I can now die a happy woman. 


  1. I hope you used your Jazz elbows to get up front. You lucky Gal!

    1. I said "excuse me." Several times.