Tuesday, June 17, 2014

7 days/7 cities, part III

Peter's niece, Stephanie, and family live south of my sister's so that was our next stop.

Strolling up and down the streets in downtown Bethlehem has always been one of our favorite things to do.  Hotel Bethlehem has been there forever but we have never been inside so . . .

The hotel from across the street.  We were trying to decide if our attire was appropriate for what we assumed was a fancy interior.

We were having decision issues so we popped into the Moravian Book Shop for more contemplation.  We love this store.

Wrinkled shorts and all - here we are in the lobby of the hotel trying to look like we belonged there.

That's the Moravian star on the elevator door.  The star is seen in many forms around the city.  We have a glass star hanging in our dining room.

Here's that second mail shoot I referred to in the first blog about our trip.  You read that one, right?  No?  Go back now!

These are our great nieces.  Emma on the left and Sara on the right.  They have on weird pants because they're just weird girls. hahahaha, not really.  They were preparing for a fencing competition.
No picture of, Stephanie and her husband, Jeff because they're in witness protection for a crime I'm not allowed to talk about. hahaha, I'm crackin' myself up here.  I'm sure they'll get a big kick out of this blog, too.

We haven't seen this crew in 3 years and we loved every moment in their company.

Our BIL, Lee, was recovering from a leg injury so our visit with him was short but, again, quality time.

See y'all next year!!!

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