Friday, June 20, 2014

7 days/7 cities, part VI

Enough of the battle grounds - let's go see a coolio house.
On to Fallingwater by Frank Lloyd Wright.  This was our 3rd FLW house - saw the one in GR several years ago and the one in Chicago 2 years ago.
The drive to Fallingwater was absolutely beautiful.

This is the area between the store and cafe and the registration desk and the bathrooms.

This path leads out to the parking lot.

It was nice enough to catch a snack outside.

Peter made sure I went into the "ladies" to check out the very cool, techy hand dryer. 

You can only take exterior shots here.  It was truly amazing.

If you ever have the opportunity, take it.  It's just south of Pittsburgh.  
Stay tuned - Part VII comin' up!

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