Thursday, August 1, 2013

There's a new toy in town

It's not like we haven't been cell phone users.  I've had one for many years and Petey got his a few years ago.  

Ok, I rarely turn mine on and it doesn't do anything except make calls when I actually turn it on.  It didn't take pictures and apparently I could text with it but was clueless.

My sister, Lisa, has an iphone and is always giving me a hard time about my little flip phone by Tracfone.

A while back I thought it would be a good idea to step up a bit and went for some geek help.  I asked the young lady in the electronics department at Meijer what kind of cell phone she'd recommend to her grandmother.

She directed me to the "no-contract" cell phone department and lo and behold - Tracfone makes a "smart" phone.  Who knew???

My minutes rolled over, my expiration date was extended and the time I buy for the life of the phone is tripled.

The learning curve gave me a bit of a headache and made my eyes burn but I'm getting there.

The hardest part was/is figuring out how to get into the internet via WiFi.  I finally did it but hit so many buttons along the way that it will take a while before it's second nature.

Next up will be replacing Petey's phone - maybe.

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  1. Once your oriented it to your wifi it should connect any time you're at home.