Sunday, August 25, 2013

Summer's End

How do you feel about the summer season coming to an end?  The evenings are cooler which I love because then we can open the windows.  I really love that.  I love listening to the night sounds just before I shove the ear plugs in.

When we were beach people and I was still working for the school system, this is the time when I started getting all mopey.  I hated to see those sunny afternoons under an umbrella watching all the people walk along the beach come to an end.

Since selling the family cottage in South Haven, our beach days no longer exist and I retired in 2006 so the "return to school blues" are a thing of the past.

I'm kind of done with the whole yard thing, too.  Don't get me wrong - there's nothing I like better than sitting in my yard under the shade of "Jerry."  That's our maple tree named after Jerry Peterson who sold it to us and planted it for us.  But the watering, weed pulling part of yard work has run its course.

As much as I love summer, I am not a fan of the really hot, sticky stuff so I'm looking forward to fall.  Living in southwest Michigan we get all four seasons full blast.

The one that comes after fall is not my fav but I'll suffer through it like everyone else because when we get a kick-ass spring - yowza - that's the absolute best!


  1. Ellen, I've had an 'eye twitch' all week thinking about back to school! I will be enjoying tranquility as fast as I can whip through the city & back to the country!

    1. Right about now I'd start having nightmares about forgetting signs. I'd be in a classroom and the teacher would be talking and I'd be stuck trying to remember the correct signs.
      Poor deaf kids.

  2. I am not ready for it to end yet. I have loved going to the pool and staying at the Lake. I feel like I have had a "real" summer. A part of me is ready for Fall (because I love it!) but I would like to hang on to Summer a little longer this year.

    1. I'm so glad you found and benefited from the pool. Great exercise.