Saturday, August 10, 2013

She would have loved this.

Here's the scene:  Peter, Lisa and I drove out to McDonald's the other evening to get one of their chocolate dipped ice cream cones.  Peter and I had driven through a few times already and were extolling the virtues of the new .99 cone.  The .49 one rivals Burger King's but "the king" does not have the melted chocolate bath so off we went.

I thought it would be a good idea to park and eat the cones because once you bite through that hard coating of chocolate, things can get tricky.

Someone (Petey) didn't think that was necessary.  He felt confident he could handle the cone and drive.

I don't think we were on the road more than 30 seconds when it became readily apparent that he had made a gross error in judgement.

"Pull over!  Pull over!"  Lisa and I were also experiencing difficulty.  The dripping had become alarming. 

Next stop - Sue Lange Memorial Park.  It used to be called Triangle Park because of its shape and wasn't much of a park to speak of.  Sue headed the committee to transform it into a real park.  After her death, it was renamed in her honor.

It's a lovely spot and it was a beautiful evening but it got ugly quickly.  The dripping was out of control.  We did not have enough napkins.  All 3 of us had ice cream on our faces and some of the chocolate hit the ground.  Then the laughing began.  It's a wonder the cops weren't called.

And then we thought of Sue and how much she would have loved this whole scene.

Look closely at the rock (after you read the dedication which fits her to a T) and you'll see some white drippings.  That's not bird poop, although she'd get a kick out of that, too; Lisa thought Sue should share in the ice cream so . . .

Next time we'll bring bowls to dump the concoction in and a spoon to make life worth living - but we all agreed the mess was worth it to stand in Sue Lange park and laugh with our old friend.



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    1. I forgot to mention that we washed off in the fountain.

  2. of course you should do That!! chocolate is tough for the Birds to digest and maybe a few of us at the elevated age we are Keep trekking BN

  3. I can hear her laughing!