Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Allegan's flowers

I know Allegan isn't unique as far as small towns and their flowers go but it sure feels like it when I'm out and about.  Dang it, I should have taken a picture of the bridge.  The flowers are wonderful there as well.  Maybe I'll get around to that later today.

Our downtown flowers have always been nice but Mother Nature has really cooperated lately so it's a bumper crop as far as I'm concerned.

I also took these pictures with my new phone - after my buddy, Brad Ross, helped me with my settings.

These planters line the boardwalk along our river front.

The hanging baskets abound!
Hey, do I keep my word or what?  Here are the flowers on the bridge.

Basket with an "artistic" background.  Cool, eh?

More planters spiffing up our sidewalks.

Tommy Hunter added a little something special to the planter in front of his store.  Perfect!
 This has been an odd summer.  It started out fine and then that horrid hot, sticky stuff blew in last month.  Now, the locals have already started talking about the fair - it feels like "fair weather" lately.  I swear I could smell elephant ears the other day.


  1. This has been a completely odd summer....I agree!!

    1. So true. Sweatshirts at the ready and strappy Ts nearby. Changing clothes 3 times daily. WTH?