Sunday, August 18, 2013

The Anniversary Dinner.

The evening could not have been more perfect.  Mother Nature was very generous; light breeze, clear skies, and butterfliesOk, we only saw one but still . . .

After many wonderful suggestions (I made a list so we can visit all of them in the future) we settled on . . .

Clearbrook in Saugatuck.

We took some advice and arrived a little earlier than usual, for us, and snagged one of the only two tables available outside.

Interior shots were a bit dicey (it was dark in there); here's the wine room.

When a bathroom is this pretty, it cries out for a picture.
We rarely order an appetizer but this was a special occasion, right?  Ginger Thai Shrimp patties.  Yum!

Lovely salad with a perfect dressing.

Scott took extra special care of us.

Petey had fish from Hawaii.

I had the walleye.  We were both extremely pleased.  Petey was so happy with his Hawaiian fish he was looking for a grass skirt and a ukelele.  He does a nice job with Tiny Bubbles.

And then they brought around the dessert tray.

I selected the bread pudding which I shared (grudgingly) with my husband.  After 45 years I should, doncha think?
We were minding our own business, enjoying the tranquil setting and then these two showed up.
I was looking through an album of antique pictures and found one of this darling couple on their wedding day.  Aren't they cute?  She looks like she's 15 years old, doesn't she? He's looking all military college - snappy and responsible.
 The evening couldn't have been more perfect if we'd spent weeks planning it (except for those interlopers).  It was the whole enchilada!


  1. Thanks Ellen, entertaining as usual & loved your wedding photo !

  2. What a great evening of much to celebrate and be happy for. Love the pictures and your "special" guest!

  3. We will have to try this restaurant...everything looks wonderful.

    Thank you for posting the wedding photo! You guys look so cute. You the "golden girl" who got her Italian. Why do the guys never smile coming back down the aisle? Our shot like this, Brett isn't smiling--neither is my dad is their same shot. Weird.

  4. 45 years qualifies you to give marriage advice. What's your secret? Besides sharing dessert, of course.

    1. Sharing desserts is definitely part of it but remember, the word "grudgingly" was in small print.