Monday, August 12, 2013

The Crazy Dinner Club

The "crazy" has toned down a bit over the years but I have a few pictorial examples of our quirkiness to share with you.

We don't always have a theme but apparently there was one for Saturday night which most of us forgot.  It had something to do with "summer" and, as you can see, the Hunters remembered and dressed the part.

Rian got into the theme big-time by riding his bike (15 miles) to Richmond's house.  That's summer for ya!
 Now for some scenery.

Joy and Tom have a "gem."  Out in the country.  Quiet and beautiful.

Behind their home is this peaceful pond which Rian availed himself of.  Did you notice how sweaty he was in the above picture?  We encouraged him to take a dip.

Taken from the pond.

The pond.  Frogs and fish.  Didn't see any snakes.

Beautifully groomed path from the backyard to the front.  Old Tom Ed is a precise dude.  I think he was out there with nail clippers just before we all arrived.  ha!

Our hosts for the evening.  Tom above and Joy to the right.  She even wore an apron.  I was impressed.

That's Paula on the left.  I tried to get her alone but Rosie kept stepping into the shot.  Talk about "photo bomb."  See how they're both looking in different directions?  That kind of defines our group to a T.

Petey, Rian and Tom discussing world peace.

Melissa sans Richard.  He was in Rio for some kind of carnival.  Not really.  Well, maybe. hehe

Judy was Richard's understudy for the evening.  We all delighted in calling her "Richard" throughout the dinner.  She responded every single time, too.  It was odd.
Tom can talk and grill at the same time.  He doesn't make eye contact but I was still impressed.
And now for the food:

Dainty centerpiece - perfect.

There was zucchini, olives, tomatoes and cous cous (sp?).  Yum!

The end result of Mr.Richmond's hard work at the grill.

Petey isn't praying.  That's just how Italians relax at the table before the food arrives.

Always my favorite part of the feast - the dessert.  Lime pie.  OMG!
 The only picture I forgot was of my kick-ass strawberry salsa.  Yowza, it was good.  I just realized I forgot the fabu cole slaw, too. 

So, there you have it - another dinner club blog installment.  Always a good time.

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  1. Looks like a lot of fun and now my mouth is watering!