Wednesday, August 28, 2013

A River Runs Through Us

Allegan made friends with the Kalamazoo River a long, long time ago.  We've had some yucky, stinky years but a while back things started to get better.  People/businesses stopped dumping crap into it.  Now if you happen to step into its waters you'll come back out with all of your toes.

People walk along the river, sit and contemplate life near it, and get into a canoe/kayak/boat and check it out.  

The dam near Baker Studio

Jan and Bill Morgan's backyard


Where Thomas St. and Jackson meet

Same intersection, different angle

Grand St. "save the riverbank" construction

John and Doreen Wilson's backyard

The bridge @ Jaycee Park

From the bridge

Opposite direction from the bridge

Behind Jim and Becky's house.  I had to walk down and up 1,000 steps!

From Moe's deck

Trowbridge dam

Behind Ace Hardware

Other side of the bridge @ Trowbridge dam
 I hope people appreciate our river.  I didn't pay it too much attention when I was a kid and living on its banks.  Probably because our sprinkling system used its water and if we played outside while that water was being sprinkled we had to come in and shower immediately afterward.  Gives a kid pause, ya know?

Like I said before, thankfully, someone decided that dumping crud into the Kazoo was a bad idea and now we feature its beauty when we advertise Allegan.

"Make friends and use 'em."  That's what Tom Richmond always says.  Wise choice, Allegan.


  1. Lovely pictorial. The river and ravines are a significant part of the charm of Allegan in my opinion. Linda K.

    1. Those founding fathers knew a good thing when they saw it, eh?

  2. There isn't a day that I don't look at the river in awe. It's beauty changes with all the seasons..