Friday, August 16, 2013

45 years ago

Right about this time (5:30-ish) we must have been having the rehearsal for our wedding the next day.  I must admit - I have absolutely no memory of that event.

I'm also supposing we had a rehearsal dinner afterward.  That's a black hole as well.

I do remember the bachelorette (my spell check says I screwed up but doesn't give me an alternative - that's word isn't it?  I mean there's a reality show called The Bachelorette, isn't there?)  party.  I know for sure there was a bachelor party.  It was infamous and the stories lived on for decades.

45 years.  And they said it wouldn't last.

Peter and I married 10 months after we met.  I can only imagine the rumors that were flying around town.  People must have been counting the months until the baby arrived.  Boy did they have a long wait.  Michael was born 8 years later.  haha, the joke was on them.

As newlyweds we lived near Peter's family for a bit and then Uncle Sam had different plans.  Peter joined the Coast Guard before the draft nabbed him and we spent 2 years in New Jersey and 2 years in St.Pete, FL.

We hung around FL for a while after discharge and then came back up to PA.

After Michael was born we decided to give Allegan a shot.  That was 35 years ago.  We settled in nicely.

We're still on the fence as to where, exactly, we're going to have our anniversary dinner tomorrow night.  Facebook friends made some great suggestions.

I guess you'll have to wait for the next blog to find out, eh?  I promise there will be pictures.  Stay tuned.


  1. Ellen- I was hoping to see your wedding photo !
    Congrats on 45 yrs married bliss !

    1. Be careful what you wish for - you've given me a good idea.

  2. Happy Anniversary! Good for you guys for having such a long and happy marriage--they are rare anymore. My parents will have their 47th next month. And yes, you should post your wedding photo.

    I would like to suggest Chinn Chinns in Mattawan for your dinner. If you like Asian cuisine (and I am NOT talking Chinese buffet) you will love this place. Also, City Vu or Serafinos in Holland (both on 7th, right downtown).

    1. Chinn Chinn's is on the list of "haven't been there - need to go" list but probably not tonight.
      We've made our "restaurant" decision. Stay tuned.
      I have scanned the wedding photo.