Thursday, May 30, 2013

Your old boyfriend

If given the chance would you like to get a look at an old boyfriend?  Let's say you haven't seen him in 40 or so years - would ya?  Would you want him to see you?

If it has, indeed, been 40 or so years he's definitely not going to look the same.  Then again - neither are you. hmmmm

So what if you knew where he worked (that is if he's not already retired and sitting on his patio drinking diet iced tea) and you went in to check him out.  Would you do it from behind a pillar or walk right up to his desk and see if he recognizes you?  Wow, that's a risky one.

If you decided to chance it would you tell him right away who you are (that is if he didn't scream out your name in recognition and run towards you) or put him through the embarrassment of trying to guess?  That could be really awkward.

I've decided I would do the deed "incognito."  Because . . . what's there to say after, "Hi, remember me?"

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