Saturday, June 1, 2013

Restricting traditions

This is not a religious post and it certainly isn't meant to cast aspersions on religion but, I have to be honest, the idea was sparked by religion.  

A couple of weeks ago when Petey and I hosted dinner club we served a fantastico ham as the entree.  Y'all remember that, right?  Well, we had a busload left over and I was thinking I should share the wealth.  If you didn't get any, don't be offended, no one did.  I froze it.  Sorry.

Anyway, when I was originally feeling generous, my pal David popped into my head.  He's a nice enough guy and I was picturing myself packing up some ham in a ziploc and taking it to hospice to give to him.  Then I remembered the whole Jews/pork thing and  I was on a roll - hence the title for this blog.

I began to wonder how many restricting traditions were born out of health concerns from a billion years ago and in today's world would seem moot.  I tried to steer away from religion because . . . well, I didn't want to offend anyone.

I haven't fared too well.  I was thinking how, at least back in the day, Baptists couldn't dance, play cards or go to movies.  That one has faded a bit, hasn't it?  And then there was the "can't eat meat on Fridays" for the Catholics.  Hey, I've seen several of my Catholic friends throwin' back burgers on Friday nights so I'm thinking that one also has gone by the wayside.

I always felt bad for the little neighbor boy who belonged to the local Kingdom Hall and he could never participate in school holiday parties.

This one's a reach for me but it's the only non-religious tradition I can come up with:  Wednesdays and Sundays were pasta days in Peter's family home.  A bit of a restriction but no connection to religion that I know of but if you're not really into the whole spaghetti thing it could cause issues.

I'm going to call upon my friend, Marilyn, who is married to a handsome Native fellow to chime in.  Maybe she can come up with something non-religious from the Native American culture.

Marilyn?  Marilyn?  Are you there?  A little help, please.

How about the rest of you - anything?  anything?  Remember the focus is on restrictive.  And try to avoid a religious connection.

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