Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Music, dance - The Note

My neighbor, Sally, wrote recently about her favorite music and other memories of days gone by in her blog.

I got lost in his arms

That got me thinking of my memories of dancing in my days gone by.

There was a place on Gun Lake (about 30 min. away) called The Note.  Kids from everywhere came to dance and dance we did.  There was a fair amount of stomping involved and when one wears penny loafers and stomps for hours, one has tender heels at the end of the evening.  Ah, the fun - ah, the pain.

You were supposed to be 16 to get into The Note.  I believe I was 14 when I started begging rides.  Yes, the search for a ride usually started on Wednesday for a ride on Saturday.  

I loved every second I spent at The Note except for that one time when a girl did her best to beat me up.  Don't ask.  

Fights.  There were epic fights.  Mine was the only girl fight I remember but those boys - sometimes it seemed like the whole floor was taken up by male fists a-flyin'.

I don't remember when The Note closed down but it sat idle for quite a while and then someone turned it into a church.  That was weird.  Finally someone else turned it back into a dance place but for country dancing.  We (Petey and I) happened to be interested at that time and got a few other friends to check it out.  I think we started out with 20 or so people (lessons were involved) and after a few weeks they dropped off rather quickly.  We hung in there, though, and enjoyed the hell out of it.

That phase also passed and The Note is again empty.

I don't think places like The Note exist for kids anymore.  Too bad.  I think it was my "golden era."  Tons o' fun.

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