Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Komen "Race for the Cure"

Because of my family history, I have been involved in fund raising for breast cancer for many years.  After my own diagnosis 6 years ago I started walking the 5K for the Komen foundation.

It's a very emotional experience on so many levels.  Sunday was a sweaty one too.  Boy, howdy, it was hot.

The venue is Arcadia Creek in downtown Kalamazoo.

This was a popular spot.  Not only because there were cool things for sale but because there was shade.  It was hot.

Somehow I missed this booth the first couple of years I walked but this year my back sign was "in celebration" of a young friend of mine recently diagnosed.

Since I was alone, one of the nice women at this booth helped pin me up.
Panera Bread not only had this booth with bite-sized goodies but it also provides a wonderful lunch in the Survivors' Cafe.

Many booths lined the area with freebies and good information regarding breast health care.
I always stop at this memorial wall to salute the ladies that led the fight.
Before the race begins, all the survivors are called up to the stage.  A few short speeches and a very emotional song.  I cry every year.  I am never alone.  We're all in the dark pin shirts.  Check out the crowd facing us.
We're lining up.  Runners first and then walkers.  I was in the back with the walkers.  We were cheered along the way by volunteers, police officers, supporters and a darling little boy with a hose.
Ah, the finish line.  I could have been used as a salt lick.  I mentioned it was hot, right?  OMG!
My sweat-soaked body and crusty hair in the comfort of my air conditioned kitchen.
 Another good year. 

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