Sunday, May 5, 2013


My friend, Alexa's, pottery.  Darling piggy bank.

A garden gnome.

Yarn bowl.

T-shirt bags made by another friend, Marj.

She also made duct tape lunch bags.

Marj's brother, Jason, made cutting boards out of bowling alley wood.  Outstanding!

Another cute bag.

Marj's friend, Marta, made these darling hats.

My pal, Paula, made fabu note cards.

Paula collects stones in the shape of hearts and then incorporated them into a series of cards.  Very cool.

I didn't get the story on this one but I'm guessing it's Michigan before it took its final shape after the glaciers ripped us a new one.

Fran's soaps are luxurious. 

And how cute are these boxes?

Chep brought hand made crafts from Kenya.

Everything is made by Kenyan women.

I love the colors.

These bags were made with recycled material.

I made my famous chocolate "bark."  Apparently it tasted good and looks great on the face, eh?
Another good open house.  It's always fun.  So nice to see so many smiling faces.
I just realized I didn't take any pictures of my things and I also forgot the cute packs of lotions that Shirley brought.  It's amazing that's all  I forgot.  Ah well, such is life.

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