Friday, May 3, 2013

A word about bicycles

My fellow blogger, Julie, wrote about bicyclists  riding in the road in the dark without proper gear.  It's a hazard and a huge safety issue.  Check her out.


I have a great deal of respect for bikers.  My husband rides and so do many of my friends.  I don't mind sharing the road with them.  My blog today isn't addressed to the people that know what they're doing on a bike.  It's to the people who ride on the sidewalk without any regard for those of us who are walking on the sidewalk.

Yesterday I was out with, Augie, and a guy came up behind us on his bike.  I never heard him coming.  Augie, being a bit of a crazy little dude, will often dart from side to side - never wanting to let a blade of grass go un-sniffedHad he chosen the exact moment the gentleman was passing us on the right to check out the fire hydrant on our right, there would have been a lot of howling and swearing.  I would be doing the swearing - I leave the howling to Augie.

A simple "on your right" would have been nice.  That should be ingrained into anyone's mind that decides to ride a bike.

Apparently not.

Worse yet, he was hooked into his ipod so he missed my snarky comment.

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