Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Poop Parade!

The other day on our morning walk, Augie wanted to go one way and I wanted to head off in the opposite direction.  The result was that I missed stepping up onto the curb at our riverfront park and fell.  The good news is that I fell onto grass and not asphalt.  The better news is that I didn't land in dog poop.  Plus, no one saw me.  Whew.

Our riverfront is a jewel.  People have dedicated tons o' time and energy into the area.  Right now a plan is underway to improve this gem even more.

This boardwalk is used by many people.  It can be seen from one of the major roads that cuts through Allegan.

You can see our iron bridge in the distance; a focal point used in a lot of literature to publicize Allegan.

A war memorial accompanied by a bench for contemplation.

Now for the bad part.  If you're put off by pictures of dog poop, now would be a good time to click on over to something else like Youtube or one of the cooking sites.

I warned ya.  We have an ordinance regarding leashes and dog poop.  The city has provided poop bag stations around town and at our sports complex - another place that is being abused.  Who's doing the abusing?  Not the dogs - it's their owners!

Two places in Allegan many of us are very proud of - the riverfront and the sports complex.  Places that people take their families to, eat lunch at and stroll, taking in the beauty.  The "taking in of the beauty" part has to be done with one eye on the ground, though.

Isn't that a shame?

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