Thursday, July 4, 2013

Small town 3rd of July Jubilee

Kick starting the "children's parade" is the veterans color guard.

Next up is my favorite fire chief.  Ok, he's our only fire chief but he loves it when I describe him as "favorite."  Doncha, Bruce. 

Wishbone Pet Rescue.  Love this group.  A local non-profit.  Send them MONEY!

Precious cargo here - our town council!

The local Curves reps - Hi, Leslie.

You can never have enough Democrats in a local parade.  That's what I always say.  Musta missed the Republicans.  Not on purpose, though.  No, never on purpose.

How cute is this???  I saw something about voting on their shirts but was mesmerized by the car and the kids in it so . . .  It wasn't a Republican, was it?  hehe

We love our farmers around here.  Again, I'm not sure who the people were in the wagon - I was captivated by the tractor.

Mitch Wooster, "Rooster."  DJ of the evening kept things rolling until it was time for the fireworks.

Cheese it - the cops!

Petey, Lisa and I had the pulled pork sammies from the Silo wagon.  Yummers!

Here's the new Positively Allegan booth.  Look at Joe on the right trying to look all tough.  Nice try, Joe.

Who doesn't love a balloon animal.

Our beautiful riverfront boardwalk.

Hometown guy made good - Moe.  His BBQ is TDF.

Sorry about only getting 3/4 of you, Moe.  I was using my sister's fancy phone.  That's my excuse, anyway.

The community players summer production this year is Willy Wonka.  The kids were nice enough to sing a few tunes from the upcoming show.

You must be thirsty by now.  How about some nice, cold lemonade.
You'll notice that I haven't included any pictures of the fireworks.  That's because I was home watching them from our back porch in my jammies.  Besides my battery was dead and Lisa wouldn't let me take her fancy phone home with me.

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  1. Sure catches the small town essence, Ellen! Nice pictures.