Sunday, July 21, 2013

Part III of the trip

A short trip spread out into 3 blog installments.  Yea, me!

This is Pentwater.  I didn't think we'd ever been there before but Petey reminded me we stopped for lunch some years ago.

If you could jump like Superman over the beautiful cottages on the right, you'd land on our motel.  Great location.

The beach was a short walk away.

My blogger buddy, Julie, told me to eat here - so we did.
Too hot to eat outdoors but it looked pretty . . . from inside.

Hey, who's the dude in the blue shirt?

Once again, I was so eager to eat that I forgot to take the before pic.

Petey's monster burger on a pretzel bun.  He made yum-yum noises all the way through.

Some people have an after dinner drink.  Not me.
I love a small-small town.  Here's the police department/realty office.

Chief Hoyer, you need a sign like this!

After dinner we were treated to this.

Mom and her 10 babies.  She looked tired.

What a lovely couple.  Wonder who they are?


I know - I forgot again.

Our last look down the channel.

Keeping the rivalry alive.

Bye bye, Pentwater.  Hope to see you again.


  1. Your blogs should be included with the Pure Michigan campaign. You take great shots.Anne

    1. Thanks,Ann. Hard to take a bad shot up there.

  2. Looks like a nice getaway! I would love to head up that way one of these days. The peach pulled pork sounded really good. And I love all the beach shots. And the tired mom with the 10!

    1. It's an easy day trip. Pack up the car and head out.