Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Playing around

I'm just experimenting with a bit of a new look on my blog.  I've been slightly frustrated with loading pics and captioning them.

So let's see how this goes with some bead pictures.

This is a bracelet I made for a friend to give to a mutual friend who had been recently diagnosed with breast cancer.

A necklace of disks.  I love making disks.

A recent creation that will be seen (and purchased?) at my fall open house.


An earthy brown look.

Looking toward the fall with my color schemes lately.
I added some glass I'd forgotten I had to the surfaces of these beads.  A funky, shiny look.  They went on to become a necklace that you'll be able to purchase.  When?  haha  My open house in November.

A specific customer request for a bracelet.  A bit brighter, eh?

Ok, so there was no swearing during this blog.  Whatever button I pushed, it has made me a happier blogger.

Thank you for playing along.


  1. Ellen, as usual, I just love, love, love your beads! Can't wait to buy some more:) Mary

    1. Look for us in Nov., Mary. Always tons o' goodies.

  2. I love those earth toned beads...they look like stones! You have a great talent. :)