Sunday, June 30, 2013

I see dead people

Well, I saw live people portraying dead people.  I thought you might need some clarification.

Last evening Petey, my sister, Lisa, and I went up to our big, old city cemetery for a tour conducted by the historical society.  I figured it would be interesting and I sort of knew what to expect and the experience exceeded my expectations.

There are many gates to the Oakwood Cemetery; this is just one. 

Lisa signing her life away.  No not really.  I don't think so anyway.

This was our first stop.  I got a little teary-eyed at this one because I remember Mr.Havaich well.  He was a local shoe maker and his son, Matt, and I graduated from high school together.

After each each person gave you a bit of history regarding their life in Allegan, a lady in black would enter and give them a rose.  A gentleman, also in black, would then relate the cause of death, age of death and funeral details.

Mrs.Griswold.  She lived to be a ripe old age and left a pile of $$$ to Allegan upon her death.  We have much to thank Marilla for.

Luther Perrigo.  It was so interesting to hear about his early life and what led him to Allegan.  Boy, oh boy, are we glad he came this way, too!

This is the Cady plot.  I have to confess to not remembering a lot from this one.  I was so busy trying to get decent shots and worrying that I wouldn't be able to get back up from the squatting position that my mind is a blank. 

This is "Boss" Weeks.  Handsome fellow.  Played football for the U of M.  My friend, Jo, used to live on Weeks Street.  Cool, eh?

That "Boss" was a hottie.

This is the flyer from our historical society.  That's a picture of our old jail museum.  If you're ever looking for something interesting to do, go check it out.

This is the lady at the helm of the historical society, Ms.Strickfaden.  Notice how I skirted the first name?  I think it's, Amy, but I don't want to go out on a limb and then be embarrassed.
 Like I said earlier, the tour was very interesting and entertaining.  I look forward to next year's new crop of dead people.  There's a lot to pick from.


  1. I think we decided that the Cady's made barrels

    1. Oh, yeah, that's right. She used a word that confused us but someone else in the tour group put us out of our misery.

  2. That might be the coolest macabre thing I've ever seen. I want to kiss your little town right on the mouth.

    1. Juls - our town loved getting kissed right on the mouth - none of that cheek crap for us.

  3. I can. not. believe. I missed this. I seriously wanted to be one of the dead peeps but somehow had this slated for the Fall. No explanation. We didn't get home Saturday evening until after 7:00 and i was pooped. Looks like fun and I am glad you posted about it!

  4. glad you and sis had fun was at the antique show all day.

  5. Grandma Cady lived to be 102 and died on her Birthday. Amanda is the first name of the president of the Historic Society. It was a great evening tour and we hope they do it again. A lot of history was learned about the people of this wonderful town. Thanks to the Historic Society volunteers.


    1. Thanks you, Debbie, for supplying Mrs.Cady's age at her death and also for Amanda's name. I knew it started with an "A!"