Saturday, July 6, 2013

A "big-time" thrill

Have you ever had a really huge thrilling moment in your life?  Let's exclude the birth of your child/children and your wedding day.  Those go without saying, right?  Right?

I'm talking about seeing a place you've always wanted to visit or seeing a bird you've been dying to see.  Remember my blog about the pileated woodpecker?

Maybe a restaurant you've always wanted to go to but just couldn't seem to get there and you finally made it.

That kind of thing.

I have two of those experiences to talk about - oops, maybe three - and they all involve music.

You guys already know that I love the Blues.  Petey and I are huge Delbert McClinton fans and have seen him several times.  I got to meet him, up close and personal, and it was by complete happenstance.  I could hardly speak, my hands were shaking and I had a smile plastered on my face for hours afterward.

The picture kinda sucks but I scanned it and, as you can plainly see, that particular techy technique is slightly out of my realm.

 The next thrill was meeting my all-time-most-favorite-singer, EG Kight.  I had already been stalking her via email so she was expecting me at my first-ever live concert of hers.  I tried very hard not to make a fool of myself.  I don't believe I pulled it off but Petey assures me it was not horrid.

I've only seen EG twice but I have all of her CDs and play them constantly.  I hope to see her again in the not-too-distant future.
 My final thrill was when I did my first-ever solo in a yearly fund raiser that has been going on for many, many years - Cabaret.  Not the play - it's a musical variety show.  

I'd been singing in it for years but never had the guts to go it alone until 2006.  Not only did I sing all by my lonesome up there on that stage but my number was picked to close the show with.  

So there are my thrills - how about you.  Feel like sharing?


  1. Last year I was helping out a neighbor with a garage sale and I saw a tall gangly person come to pick-up some stuff his wife purchased the day before.It was Ryan Stiles(my favorite comedian).I talked to him for quite a while while we loaded up her stuff.Great guy.he used to live 1/4 mile down the road from us. Jim Coffey

    1. You didn't embarrass yourself, eh, Jim?

  2. I have a couple - no pictures to share, but I have autographs. I got to chat with Maya Angelou at commencement at Mount Holyoke College (part of my job - I hosted commencement speakers before the ceremony.) What a lovely woman. And another year Glenn Close. Was also thrilled to get my college diploma at age 54, finishing up what I started at 18.

    Nice memories.

    1. I can certainly understand the thrill of meeting both those women, Sal.
      I didn't realize you got your degree @ age 54. Good for you. Peter was also an older grad. I know the determination that takes.

  3. Attending Wimbledon 2007 where I watched from Murray Mount (formerly Henman Hill); thus today was almost as much of a thrill to wake up to the news that Andy'd done it after so many close years.

    1. Michael? Is that you? I only know you by "Michael." I don't know who Mike is. hehe
      I did the math so I figured it must be you and not Mike Kiella.
      I remember, well, touring Wimbledon when we visited you (if this is, indeed, my son, Michael and not Mike Kiella. haha again) and it was certainly a thrill for your dad.