Sunday, July 28, 2013

Saturday night in Allegan

If you're paying attention, there are banners hanging from light posts downtown with a message on them.

                "Enjoy downtown Allegan."  So . . . we did.

Huntington Bank has been nice enough to sponsor Saturday  night music on the river at our beautiful Mahan Park during July and August.

It was chilly last night but we decided to don socks and shoes (let us all remember that it was July 27th!!!), sweatshirts and long pants and check out the Jim Stout Band.  Good move on our part.

That's Jim.  The band is from Coldwater.  They sing everything from Civil War songs to the Eagles.

With a little bit of research I could come up with the bass player's name but y'all remember that I'm the lazy blogger.  So, let's just leave it at - this guy was really good on the bass and sang well too.

I'm going to play the "lazy" card again for this lady's name.  She, also, sang beautifully and was a perfect fit with the guys in voice and guitar.

Warning!  Arty shot.

You can't really tell from here but everyone was bundled up.  The crowd had staying power, though.  We only lost a few to the temps.

What a scene.  Are we lucky or what?

Even little Nora was suited up with a hoodie and tights.

So after the music came to an end Petey and I stopped off at my sister, Lisa's, house to check up on our visiting niece, Laura and her daughter, Kaelyn.  They'd spent the afternoon in South Haven and we wanted to make sure they survived the chill.

They came ill-prepared from eastern PA for the practical joke Mother Nature was playing on the "mitten."  Sweats were purchased in South Haven.
 So our Saturday came to an end right around the usual time - 9:30.
Do we live a wild and crazy life or what?

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