Sunday, July 14, 2013

Gender specific job descriptions

So I was thinking the other day about the word "tailor."  The thought was generated by my feet - don't ask.

Anyway, I started thinking about job descriptions and how a woman is referred to as a seamstress but a man is called a tailor.

And then my mind really took off.  I know, scary, eh?

Used to be mailman and now it's mail carrier since ladies joined the force.

Same with fireman - firefighter.
Waiter/waitress - server.
Stewardess - flight attendant.  That one changed when the guys took to the skies.
Actor/actress - the "ress" was hacked off somewhere in the 90s I think.
Beautician became stylist.

I could go on and on but I'll let y'all fill in for me.

One that has me puzzled though - priest.  When my friend, Heather, was ordained in the Episcopal Church, I asked her what people were going to call her.  The male priests are referred to as "Father."  Was she going to insist I call her "Mother Heather?"  That sounded weird to me.  I know the Catholics will probably never face that dilemma so I'll just need to hear from my Episcopalian friends.

Doctors are doctors but when men started going to nursing school it sounded odd for a long time.  The guys seem to be handling it well, though. 

I know the list has to be longer so . . . Come on, folks.  Fill in the blanks.

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