Monday, April 15, 2013

Dog people

No, I'm not talking about an alien thing; bodies with faces like dogs and such.
I'm talking about people who are into dogs.  Dog people.
I don't think I ever noticed them before - way back in the 70s when we had our poodle - but they seem to be everywhere now.  
Dogs take you into a different social circle.  This was very apparent at the dog park down in Destin.  Some people like to hang out at bars; we hardly missed a day at the dog park.
Striking up conversations with perfect strangers never felt odd.  Gender, age and social background never came into play.
It was all about "what's his/her name?  how old? what's the breed?" I also noticed "the dog nod" the other day here in Allegan.  Not from the dog, silly, from the owner.  They might be across the street walking their dog or driving by but it's the same kind of acknowledgement that bikers give one another on the road.  We don't raise our fists in the air (do they still do that?) but we look at each other and nod.
I haven't gone as far into dogdom as many others.  The only garment Augie has is his one and only winter coat.  No boots or sweaters or sunglasses.  Yes, sunglasses.  A Canadian friend down in Destin actually has a pair.  Hi, Wendy!
I also never, ever, purposely let Augie lick my face.  Especially my mouth.  I've seen what that guy eats (cat shit) when he thinks nobody's looking.
He doesn't sleep with us either.  That's only because he's a bed hog.  We tried it - it was not a pleasant time for us.  He didn't seem to mind a bit but I can only take a paw in the back so many times and then I'm done.
So, are you a dog person, a cat person, a mule/pig/goat person?       

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