Sunday, April 7, 2013

Thai time

If you've never tried Thai food, you need to fix that.  If you live in my area, go to Kalamazoo - quickly.

As you drive along West Main, turn south (?) onto Drake and it will be on the left.  Keep your eyes peeled because it's soon after you make your turn.

You know you're in for a treat when the menus are cool.
I couldn't take my eyes off this photo.  I figured it was the queen of Thailand or certainly one of the royal family.  Turns out it is the daughter of the owner of the restaurant.  She'd been visiting in Thailand when she had this photo taken.  She looks like royalty, though, don't you think?

I'm not exactly sure what this animal is supposed to be but I really loved having him/her nearby.

And now for the best part.  The food.  I don't care how spiffy the menu looks.  Pictures of pseudo-royalty are nice and so is having a dragon in attendance but if the food is no good then the frills don't matter. 

This food is outstanding.  I think we all got variations of the Pad Thai.  Different levels of hotness, too.  My lips were warm, my nose ran but my eyes didn't bleed.  I call that a fine dining experience.

And - they are very generous so we'll be eating Thai for lunch tomorrow. 
Oops.  I almost forgot.  The sampler appetizer was yowzer good.  The sauces were perfect.  I have no idea what I ate but everything made my taste buds sing.
The reason for the outing - not that we need a reason - was that my sister, Stacey, was visiting from PA.  That's her in the back in the yellow shirt.  She's trying not to look short.  Nice try, Stace.  Lisa's in front next to mom and Petey and I are in the back. 
 Wonderful family time eating wonderful food.  Doesn't get any better than that, eh?

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